Television Pilots

The Stanley Dynamic Pilot YTV/Amaze
Try It Pilot Family Channel/Temple St.
Mr. D - CSA Nomination for Best Direction Pilot CBC/Topsail Entertainment
Life With Boys Pilot YTV/Nelvana
Wingin' It Pilot Family Channel/BBC/Temple Street
Baxter Pilot Family Channel/Shaftesbury
How To Be Indie Pilot YTV/Heroic
Meet The Wilders Presentation Pilot Decode


Sunnyside 2 Episodes Rogers/Counterfeit Pictures
Make It Pop 12 Episodes YTV/DHX
Max and Shred 13 Episodes YTV/Breakthrough
Annedroids 1 Episode TVO Kids/Sinking Ship
The Stanley Dynamic 22 Episodes YTV/Amaze
Some Assembly Required 6 Episodes YTV/Thunderbird
Satisfaction 2 Episodes CTV/DHX Media
Package Deal 3 Episodes Rogers/Thunderbird
Mr. Young 1 Episode Disney XD/TYV/Thunderbird
Mr. D 21 Episodes CBC/Topsail Entertainment
Life With Boys 20 Episodes YTV/Nelvana
Wingin' It 8 Episodes Family Channel/BBC/Temple Street
Baxter 3 Episodes Family Channel/Shaftesbury
What's Up, Warthogs 4 Episodes Family Channel/Dolphin/Aircraft Pictures
Connor Undercover 7 Episodes Family Channel/Heroic/Shaftesbury
The Murdoch Mysteries 2 Episodes City TV/Bravo/Shaftesbury
Overruled! 8 Episodes Disney Channel/Family/Shaftesbury
Little Mosque On The Prairie 10 Episodes CBC/Westwind Pictures
Majority Rules 2 Episodes Teletoon Canada/eOne
How To Be Indie 14 Episodes YTV/Heroic
Under One Roof 2 Episodes My Network TV/C to the B Productions
Life With Derek 18 Episodes Disney Channel/Family/Shaftesbury
The Latest Buzz 9 Episodes Family Channel/Decode
Naturally Sadie 6 Episodes Disney Channel/Family/Decode
Puppets Who Kill 9 Episodes The Comedy Network
An American in Canada 4 Episodes CBC/S & S Productions
Radio Free Roscoe 4 Episodes TeenNick/Family Channel/Decode
Zoboomafoo 8 Episodes PBS/Earth Creatures
The Blobheads 6 Episodes CBC/Nickelodeon UK/Decode
Riverdale 2 Episodes CBC/Alliance Atlantis/Epitome
Ace Lightning 3 Episodes BBC/Alliance Atlantis
Train 48 25 Episodes Global/Protocol Entertainment
B.R.A.T.S. Of The Lost Nebula 5 Episodes WB/The Jim Henson Company
Sesame Park 32 Episodes CBC/Sesame Workshop
Big Comfy Couch 13 Episodes YTV/Radical Sheep Productions
Comics! 4 Episodes CBC/SFA Productions
Mr. Men 40 Episodes Breakthrough Films
Groundling Marsh 4 Episodes Disney/Portfolio Entertainment
Noddy 32 Episodes PBS/Catalyst Entertainment
Dudley The Dragon 6 Episodes PBS/Breakthrough
Longhouse Tales 13 Episodes Catalyst Entertainment
Delta State 12 Episodes Canal +/Nelvana
I Love Mummy 13 Episodes YTV/Breakthrough Films